About Us

A gender-equal world where every person lives free from violence, has full bodily autonomy, and has the power to access justice to protect and promote their human rights.
Creative feminists using international law to achieve gender equality and dismantle systems of oppression.

Theory of Change

  • Women deserve justice for violations of their rights, and states and institutions must be held to account when they fail to ensure gender equality.
  • The progressive interpretation and application of international law and human rights are a strong foundation for gender equality in law and in fact.
  • Multilateral institutions must be grounded in a feminist approach to effectively defend and advance human rights around the world.
  • Change must be driven by those who are most affected, which requires global north organizations to uplift and share power with feminist grassroots actors around the world.

Who We Serve and Work With

Grassroots Partners

We work with grassroots groups and activists — like women’s groups in Myanmar — to uplift local voices in international spaces as well as provide capacity development and technical assistance. These invaluable partnerships greatly influence the direction of GJC’s engagement with national and international mechanisms.

State Governments and Experts

We engage with governments and experts around the world to ensure that they are adhering to their international human rights obligations.

Coalitions and Alliances

We are part of several collaborative working groups — such as the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace, and Security, the NGO Working Group on the Security Council, and Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health in Crises—that bolster our global advocacy.

Multilateral Institutions

We utilize our unique position as an organization with UN consultative status and access to mechanisms, such as the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council, to advocate for an inclusive gender perspective and ensure that gender is a priority in their agendas.