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Gender Justice and Training for the Iraqi High Tribunal

2006: A fact-sheet on the trainings on gender justice in Iraq conducted by the Global Justice Center, in partnership with the Women’s Alliance for a Democratic Iraq (WAFDI) and the International Coordination for Gender Justice in Iraq.

At the request of the Judges of the Iraqi High Tribunal, GJC and WAFDI led two trainings for the Iraqi High Tribunal (IHT) Judges in 2006. A pilot training in Baghdad in March 2006 gathered information on gaps in the training the IHT judges had received on international law, as well as to inform the strategy of Iraqi women in working with the tribunal to access justice. Last week, November 13-15, 2006, the GJC and the WAFDI led a three-day training with international expert trainers and Iraqi women civil society participants. This historic training, which took place in Jordan, marked the first time ever that judges in the Middle East have spoken with women about sex, sexual violence, and honor killings.

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