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  • Global Civil Society Statement: The UN Must Block Arms Sales to Myanmar

    We joined 200+ organizations around the world to demand that the UN Security Council ban weapon sales to Myanmar.

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  • 140+ Organizations Demand Biden Implement International Recommendations on Reproductive Rights

    We joined dozens of partners and allies to demand President Biden implement international recommendations on reproductive rights.

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  • Myanmar’s Coup Is Devastating for Women

    GJC's Akila Radhakrishnan and Michelle Onello penned an op-ed for Foreign Policy on the impact of Myanmar's military coup on women.

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  • Rescinding the Global Gag Rule Isn’t Enough

    The Biden administration repealed the Global Gag Rule, ending a disastrous policy in the tradition of his Democratic predecessors. But as we argue in an op-ed for Foreign Policy, Biden must go much further.

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    The Global Justice Center relies on the support of its incredible community to carry out its mission to build a just, feminist world.

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Power, not pity

human rights through rule of law
  • Who we are

    We are lawyers and advocates who specialize in international law for the purpose of advancing gender equality and human rights.

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    We work for peace, justice, and security by enforcing international laws that promote gender equality and human dignity.

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  • How we work

    GJC works towards building a global rule of law grounded on enforceable law guarantees for human rights & gender equality.

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